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Urban Art

Urban Art combines classical art forms with pop, punk, contemporary art, graffiti and street art, while reflecting the thoughts and moods of today, which are most likely perceived in the major metropolitan areas, the melting pots of our society. The already well-known mash-up, the interweaving of known and unknown, citation, deconstructing and re-crosslinking is sensed and used by urban artists in the visual arts. Urban Art has become an art form in the field of contemporary art.

The Gallery Pretty Portal presents and documents a fast-moving, radical new art direction. Gallery owner and curator Klaus Rosskothen sees Pretty Portal as a fusion of street and White Cube, a metalevel where Urban Art meets gallery visitors and collectors. Pretty Portal shows paintings, drawings, prints, collages, photographies, video installations and sculptures.


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Visit our gallery in Düsseldorf:
Pretty Portal | Brunnenstr. 12 | 40223 Düsseldorf
Opening hours: Mo. – Fr. 11am– 7pm and by appointment (+49-163-6040846)

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Represented artists

BTOY | Guy Denning | CHAZME | DECYCLE | ETNIK | FinDAC | JANA&JS | Roman Klonek | Wolfgang Krell | L.E.T. | David Monllor | Orticanoodles | Pixelpancho | Natalia Rak | SAM3 | David Stegmann 


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