Alexis “Bust” Stephens – Bust a move



    “Bust a move” is the first solo show of Alexis “Bust” Stephens at Pretty Portal gallery in Düsseldorf. We introduced Alexis in 2021 in a duo-show with Guy Denning.
    Since then his artistic career is progressing rapidly. He was selected by the olympic committee to paint the new sport disciplines for the Olympia Museum in Lausanne, where his pieces are now exhibited Followed by this was an inviation by Hera from Herakut to participate to an art project in Bayreuth. He painted numerous murals at various art festivals and events. Among those was the Pretty Wall Bilk Projekt in Düsseldorf. We are excited about what’s coming in the near future.

    The title of the show “Bust a move” is a slang term for striking a pose in street dance or demonstrating a move from one’s repertoire of dance moves. To bust a move is a moment of energy and tension. It combines the preciseness of an expression, full awareness of a movement and body dynamics. In his show Düsseldorf he will present his latest paintings and drawings.

    „„We are not made up of much and yet we all pulsate and carry an internal boil.“

    Alexis „Bust“ Stephens artistic idea resolves around his love for movement and gestures. He likes to think of the body as a sum of organized waves. „„We are not made up of much and yet we all pulsate and carry an internal boil.“ Inspired by abstract expressionism and graffiti, he transcendents the movement and energy he feels into his works. Alexis lives and breathes the ideas of „le grande geste“ and abstract expressionism. While painting he interconnects technique and instinct.
    His lively lines originate from waves and frequencies that create a circling link between rhythm and paint. His brush strokes, initiated from gesture and expression, seem to be abstract and jarring at first glance, but forming his dancing protagonists the more his pieces develop and becoming articulated.

    Keeping a total liberty of expression in th epublic space

    Alexis „Bust“ Stephens was born in 1983 in Paris from a French mother and a Jamaican father. Very early he discovered his talent for dancing and painting and started his artistic journey in urban culture.
    He quickly gained attention for his hip-hop and breakdance performances and was invited as a dancer in various formations to various competitions and jams throughout Europe. But his preferred art space to express himself were the streets as the environment that surrounds him, leaving his mark whilst keeping a total liberty of expression. Experimenting with various painting techniques Alexis soon made contact to the huge Parisian street art and graffiti scene.
    rom start he decided that he wanted to combine dancing and painting in his artistic style. From this time came his alias “Bust the Drip”, a combination of the slang expression “to bust a move” used when dancing with the “drips” (running color) that often arise in his painting style. Soon he was invited to art festivals and project and exhibited his pieces in various French galleries. Featured in magazines, tv-shows and being displayed in the Olympia Museum in Lausanne he in one of the most exciting emerging artists in French Urban Art today.

    Here is a making of making of video for the project for the Olympia Museum in Lausanne

    „Bust a move“
    17th of March – 28th of April
    Reception: Friday 17th of March, 7pm

    Alexis Bust Stephens - Bust A Move -Ausstellung Alexis Bust Stephens - Bust A Move -Ausstellung Alexis Bust Stephens - Bust A Move -Ausstellung Alexis Bust Stephens - Bust A Move -Ausstellung Alexis Bust Stephens - Bust A Move -Ausstellung Alexis Bust Stephens - Bust A Move -Ausstellung