MACHINaturE vs MachiNATURE

    On the 22nd of March we will open ARDIF’s solo exhibition “MACHINaturE vs MachiNATURE” at Pretty Portal gallery.
    In his works, the French artist shows a juxtaposition of nature and machine. He points out how man copies nature with his creations. Engineers and designers of machinery relate ideas from nature and reproduce them. However, these replicas are in fact only limited copies and do not match the precision, complexity and performance of the originals. Nature is the source of ideas. Man only plagiarist.
    Furthermore, ARDIF deals with the threat to nature by humans, and the balance to find between technical progress and respect of the environment.
    After having shown only compositions of the fauna in his paintings in recent years, flora has now also found its way into ARDIF´s works.
    Visitors will see drawings, illustrations and installations in the show.

    ARDIF is a french artist who deals with mechanics behind living entities. His drawings mostly present animals, which become a mechanical being.
    ARDIF’s animals are divided indeed: While the one side is completely natural, the second half portrays a transformation with mechanical and architectural elements.
    The contrast between this binary opposition creates an engaging tension for the viewer.
    Above that, ARDIF enlarges his drawings and introduces them as Paste Ups into the street.
    By now, Paris’ urban image cannot be thought of without the divided natural and mechanical animals.

    Opening reception:
    22nd of March 2019, 19-22h

    25th of March – 26th of April 2019
    Monday – Friday, 11am-7pm
    and by appointment

    Pretty Portal
    Brunnentrasse 12
    40223 Düsseldorf