ARDIF – Oracle of Mechanimals

    Oracle of Mechanimals

    We are happy to show new works by ARDIF from 26th of April. We are opening the exhibition in our gallery in Düsseldorf with a vernissage to which you are cordially invited. ARDIF will be present at the opening.

    Art show in Düsseldorf

    Already the ancient Greeks consulted oracles when they had to make important decisions or when changes in their lives were imminent. At that time, priestesses had to be put into a trance and the oracle was only open to members of high society. The oracle’s statements could be interpreted in many ways and invited reflection.. The questioning of oracles can be found in all cultures and continues to the present day.

    The Tarot

    The tarot, a pack of cards used for divination, psychedelic and esoteric purposes, appeared in France in the 16th century.. The tarot is still very popular today and is used to analyse individual life situations or upcoming decisions. In a time that could hardly be more complex on the one hand and confronts us with changes in the reality of our lives on the other, many people would like a mystical pointer to help them readjust their view of the future.

    ARDIF´s interpretation of the Arcanas

    The French urban artist ARDIF has explored the concept of the oracle and developed his very own tarot. To this end, he has realised the 22 main cards of this card deck in his unmistakable illustrative visual language and created the “Oracle of Mechanimals”.
    ARDIF’s work is characterised by conceptual strength and his talent as a draughtsman, which is shown to impressive effect in his detailed illustrations. His works delight art enthusiasts and collectors from all over the world.

    The 22 drawings of the “Oracle of Mechanimals” can be seen in the Pretty Portal gallery from 26th of April.


    „Oracle of Mechanimals“

    26. April 2024 – 31. May 2024
    Opening reception: Friday 26th of April, 7pm

    Pretty Portal
    Brunnenstrasse 12
    40223 Düsseldorf