Chazme & Pavel Ryzko “COPYPASTE”

    Chazme & Pavel Ryzko CopyPaste Ausstellung

    CHAZME & Pavel Ryzko

    From 3rd of June we are showing works by CHAZME and Pavel Ryzko in the exhibition “CopyPaste”. Inspired by Brutalism and Constructivism, the urban labyrinths typical of Chazme’s imagery are a metaphor for the urban environment of modern man. Pavel Ryzko stands in the tradition of Eastern European poster art and has received awards from the Polish Poster Biennale and the Polish Graphic Design Prize, among others.

    For the exhibition “CopyPaste”, Chazme and Pavel Ryzko have created a series of works combining the techniques of collage, screen printing, stenciling and painting. To this end, the two artists entered into a dialogue with their visual languages and created something completely new without giving up their own imagery in the collaboration. For the exhibition, CHAZME and Pawel Ryzko had to step out of the conceptual space they were familiar with and engage in a variety of ways with each other’s understanding of colour, space and composition.
    In order to give the experiment a framework, the two artists have agreed on a concrete formal specification. The result is a series of works in the 20 x 20 cm format. In these, the elements most characteristic of the artists are clearly recognizable. In addition, the clash of visual languages creates a new, unique arc of tension that brings us closer to the well-known motifs of Chazme and Ryżko from a different, unusual perspective.

    On display are painting and collages.

    CHAZME & Pavel Ryzko
    3rd of  June – 15th of  July
    Vernissage: 3rd of  June 19h


    Daniel Kalinski, aka CHAZME is known for his depictions of surreal, intricate and complex architecture. He began his artistic career with figurative painting in the Warsaw graffiti scene. Since then, his imagery has evolved into formal, graphic abstraction. In his paintings, he combines classic mythology with contemporary urban experience, brutalism meets poetry. The urban labyrinth that typifies his imagery is one of his powerful metaphors for the urban environment of modern man. The Swiss-born Polish artist studied architecture and urban planning at the University of Warsaw. He is a world-renowned muralist and has shown his work in many exhibitions across Europe.


    Pavel Ryzko

    Paweł Ryżko (1984) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. In his work, Ryżko refers to constructivism. He uses clearly structured motifs, geometric shapes and expressive colors that are occasionally interrupted with typographic elements. He received the Polish Poster Biennale Prize and the Polish Graphic Design Prize for his work. He is a co-founder of the international collective “Void Projects” (together with Alex Void) and of the Kukugrafika studio founded with Sainer (Etam Cru). With a passion for typography, printmaking and murals, Ryzko’s work finds its place in urban settings and galleries. He has designed a number of album covers. Including Frank Zappa’s “Hammersmith Odeon”, which was published by the Zappa Family Trust in 2010.