FAKE  | JANA&JS | Natalia Rak | Otto Schade | Shai Dahan | Sokar Uno | STF Moscato

    In the collective show “Bestranged” we are showing a selection of works at Pretty Portal, which reflect the last months in lockdown. People who are experiencing a weird situation, de-socializing, wearing masks, having strange feelings.
    On display are works from Otto Schade, FAKE, Guy Dennning, Jana&JS, Shai Dahan, Sokar Uno and STF Moscato.

    A video with works from the show can be seen  here.


    08.03.2021 – 10.04.2021
    Tuesday – Friday, 2-7pm

    Pretty Portal
    Brunnenstrasse 12
    40223 Düsseldorf