The Spanish-born Andrea Michaelsson is known world wide for her stencil work that she paints as well on canvas as on large facades.
    She portrays great female personalities, who are also her personal heroines. These include Simone de Beauvoir, Frida Kahlo, Amy Winehouse and Cleopatra, all who particularly impressed her and who were important to the history of women. The bases for her images are often old photographies, with strong iconic character, which she reinterprets with her striking imagery.

    With glaze technique superimposed semi-transparent layers of color and abstract backgrounds in combination with very detailed drawn stencils are typical for BTOY´s work. Intertextuality plays an important role for her. This keeps the viewer on the passage of time for a brief moment, so that he can see behind the mask of their protagonists.

    BTOY has exhibited her work in numerous galleries around the world.
    Her works have been on display at Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn and the Women’s Museum.

     Available artworks:


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