DAVID MONLLOR – Fade into nothing

    DAVID MONLLOR – Fade into nothing

    Highly talented swiss artist David Monllor is in the focus of collectors and curators in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. At the age of twelve he comes in contact with the subculture “Graffiti ” that has a lasting impact on David Monllors works. He travels abroad, working with lots of urban artist and painting countless murals.
    As an autodidact he refined and developed his techniques with spraypaint into total perfection. Hyper Realistic portraits are his trademark.

    In the search for new forms of expression he discovered his fascination for painting with oil. His current work moves between meticulously drawn photorealistic paintings to abstract portraits that dissolve explosively and create an entirely new aesthetic in the eye of the beholder.

    The show at Pretty Portal is his first solo show in Germany after exhibiting at Colab Gallery, Artstübli, STROKE artfair and other galleries in Switzerland and Austria.

    David Monllor
    Fade into nothing
    28.2. – 28.3.
    Vernissage 28.2.