DAVID STEGMANN – Station to station

    DAVID STEGMANN – Station to station

    From 31st of October to 28th of November 2014 Pretty Portal shows works of Swiss-German artist David Stegmann aka dust (* 1982, Freiburg). In the exhibition “STATION TO STATION” David Stegmann presents new works on glass and pieces on canvas and paper. Opening reception is on 31st of October 2014 at 7pm.

    In his work David Stegmann deals with questions of coexistence of humans and the environment. His works, which combine abstract painting and neosurrealism, are partially apocalyptic and visionary. They provide an insight into a fragile, organic microcosm. In the eye of the beholder concrete and fantastic flows together, to dissolve again in the next moment. Nature, with her absolute passion for perfection, color and shape is the source of David Stegmann’s inspiration.

    David Stegmann has consistently developed his work. After shows in 2008 and 2009, we are happy to show his latest pieces at Pretty Portal.

    Station to Station
    Vernissage 31.10.