ETNIK is the alias of Italian-Swedish artist Alessandro Battisti. While studying at the School of Art in Florence, ETNIK got in contact with Italy’s most famous graffiti writers and henceforth devoted to working with typography and spray paint. Soon he combined his typography with geometric shapes and developed a unique style of three-dimensional style Writings, which made him known intarnatinally. ETNIKS enthusiasm for geometry, urbanism and architecture, motivated him to develop his imagery continuously. In this process the typographical elements moved more and more into the background and made room for geometric sculptures and architectural sketches. He paints visionary city models, takes unusual perspectives and connects urban landscapes with natural elements. His current work, which he names with the working title “Prospective Cities” show abstract, fantastic cities in clouds and futuristic tree houses. The typographic elements in ETNIKs current work are reminiscent of the origin of his creative work as a graffiti writer.

    ETNIK´s artworks have been shown in exhibitions in Italy, France, Germany and the Netherlands. In addition to the work of the gallery space, he painted numerous murals.

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