FACE OFF feat. Julian Kimmings, Rowan Newton, Shai Dahan, Various & Gould


    From 11th of September we show positions of four different artists who have not been previously exhibited at Pretty Portal. On display are works by Julian Kimmings, Rowan Newton, Shai Dahan and Various & Gould. All artists show works on the subject portrait.

    FACE OFF feat. Julian Kimmings, Rowan Newton, Shai Dahan und Various & Gould
    11.09. – 10.10.
    Opening reception 11.09., 19 – 22h.

    Please send us a mail if you would like to receive the catalog of the show as PDF.

    Julian Kimmings

    Julian Kimmings is a UK based artist. His work uses an amalgamation of oils, spray paint, ink and acrylic paint to create a vivid, engaging world of fanciful portraits.
    Julian is fascinated by ancient cultures, folklore and mythology, using their stories to give his work a narrative that relates, in part, to an increasingly materialistic modern World.
    Julian defines his subjects with strong gestures, mixed with rich brushwork that results in areas of detail fused with raw, energetic emotion, allowing the viewer to fill the blanks with their own imagination.
    Julian holds a BS(hons) in Illustration and has been exhibited at the Institute for Contemporary Arts, London. His unique, often graphic style has captured the attention of collectors across the globe and has gained acclaim from his peers in fine art, street art and graffiti circles.

    Rowan Newton

    Rowan Newton lives in London and paints people. Rowan’s style reflects the dichotomies of the inner-city landscape. Using spray paint, acrylics, and pen, he creates pieces that are gritty, provocative, and full of character.
    Since graduating from university in 2004, Rowan’s work has been in various exhibitions and art fairs in the UK including the Brixton Urban Art Fair, the Battersea Affordable Art Fair, and the London Art Fair. His work has also shown internationally, from New York to Amsterdam to Shanghai as well as the House of Commons in London.

    Shai Dahan

    Shai Dahan (born 1979) is an American contemporary painter and street artist who works with painting, drawing, illustrations and installations.
    In 2007, Dahan moved to New York City where he participated in street-art projects such as the NYSAT, Underbelly Project, and MOM&POPism. He also began to exhibit his art with galleries in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. In July 2012, Shai received recognition for his solo exhibition at the Borås Art Museum in Sweden. He was later featured as the opening keynote speaker at TEDx[1] Göteborg in October 2012.

    Throughout his career, Dahan has used different techniques for his outdoor artwork as well as his gallery collection. This includes stencil, wheatpasting, as well as using both acrylics, oils and spray paint. Dahan creates hybrids of the urban arts culture mixed with fine art work.

    Various & Gould

    Since 2005, the Berlin artist duo Various & Gould works closely. Both artists have studied at the Art Academy Berlin-Weissensee (KHB) and each made her diploma in 2010.

    Various & Gould represents the simple but effective formula: 1 + 1 =. 3 They reinvent themselves in every project and are often cross-border workers in various fields.
    Interests such as the love for paper, the enthusiasm for incidental beauty in everyday life and especially the work in public space, form the basis for their collaboration. Screen print and collage are their specialty. On most playful way they take relevant issues such as labour, migration, (sexual) identity, death, religion, or the financial crisis in attack. Their imagery is influenced by (political) poster artwork, Dada and Pop Art. There artworks are often characterized by a strong color and an ambiguous combination of symbols, associations and stereotypes.