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    Jana & Js are an Austro-German artist couple, whose work can be found both in urban surroundings as well as in closed rooms. Inspired by the city and its architecture in the course of time, as well as by the residents and the viewers, they spray urban landscapes, portraits and details of architectures with a play of reflections and transparencies.

    In their paintings they work with situations of people in the habitat city. Before close tightly packed architectural landscapes they show individuals that act on the one hand lost and isolated, but also searching, longing and hopeful.
    Using a special stencil-technique (after Artiste Ouvrier -together in collective WCA), they work exclusively with their own photography’s.
    In addition to painting, the artist couple also made sculptures out of wood and metal. Complex nested facade elements to which they paint reminiscent of residential honeycomb house fronts.

    After many years of stays in Madrid and Paris, Jana & Js now live and work in Austria, Salzburg.

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