L.E.T. “How is this happening !?”

    L.E.T. “How is this happening !?”

    From the 11th of December, we will be showing an installation by Düsseldorf based urban artist L.E.T. entitled “How is this happening?” In his work, L.E.T. reflects upon the situation of the refugees stranded at the gates of Europe. He uses life jackets as his medium and shows how this symbol of hope is transformed on the journey of most refugees.

    L.E.T. travelled to Lesbos a few months ago and visited the “life jacket graveyard”, a landfill of harrowing dimensions where the life jackets left behind by refugees end up. The unreal image of this eerie place, which he had already seen three years ago in a documentary, never left him. During his stay on Lesbos he paid the “life jacket graveyard” a visit, spoke with refugees and helpers from the organisation “The Hope Project”, forming his own picture of the situation.

    After his return, three body bags were sewn from the life jackets he had collected on Lesbos. These are the central element of the installation and show the transformation of hope into mourning. They bear witness to the journey of a myriad of people fleeing inhumane conditions, a journey that meets its cruel end at the gates of Fortress Europe.

    Especially in the pre-Christmas season the work brings to mind the image of the manger. A couple with child who were not welcome anywhere and were forced to seek refuge in a barn. In about 2000 years, predominantly Christian Europe has not yet internalised its own core values of philanthropy and charity, values that are celebrated once again this year during Christmas and find their main expression in an abundance of material gifts.

    L.E.T. was accompanied on his journey by artist Laura Knapp and cameraman Chris Schwarz. Schwarz documented the artist’s stay and the situation on site. The film, which is also part of the installation, can be viewed here. (https://vimeo.com/485174602/c36a9b9770).

    In the exhibition “How is this happening?” L.E.T. also shows some canvases reflecting his experiences on Lesbos.

    A “Making of” Video from the exhibition can be seen here.

    „How is this happening !?“

    11.12.2020 – 29.1.2021
    Tuesday – Friday, 14-19h and by appointment

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