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    L.E.T. is a Stencil artist from France. The abbreviation L.E.T. is broken down as Les Enfants Terribles. He has rightly gained this pseudonym. Traditionally, outsiders and eccentrics were called from the artist scene. L.E.T. is one of the first street artists of the first hour. Since 1992 he is active on the street and shapes the image of some cities, i.a. that of his hometown Düsseldorf.

    He sprays his motifs on paper and then posters them as a “cutout” in the city. In his works he provides the elements of the picture with his strikingly charming-provocative statements, in a subtile way, giving them a new meaning. Black and white figures with – if any – few color accents emphasize the statement. Its the topics of our time, L.E.T. takes a critical look at. In a winking way he points on abuses in our consumer and fun society.

    L.E.T.’s artistic career is marked by many worldwide group exhibitions and urban art conventions. The consistent development as an artist was for him the way to the gallery, where the fleeting street art can be stored for the public. In this work, he prefers gallery-suitable media such as canvas, cardboard and wood, but this has no influence on his unmistakable style.

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