The Italian artist duo Orticanoodles is known for its exceptionally complex and layered stencil-technique. Wally and Alita met, after Wally graduated at the School of Art Carrara and moved to the European Institute of Design in Milan to study Advertising Art Direction. Since 2006, they are not only exhibiting in Italy, but throughout Europe.

    In their workshops in Milan Ortica district, they create artworks that follow the tradition of Pop Art: popular motifs combined with a bright atmosphere, reduced to the basic colours. They show portraits of strong personalities, exceptional politicians, provocative writers and artists, who not only inspired Orticanoodles, but also influenced generations of artists. In most cases these are people, whose faces are less well known than their work.

    Often, quotes of these people fragment the portraits in a grid-like pattern, which can be encrypted only upon closer inspection. Elsewhere, some gentle and more decorative lettering pulls across the screen. Characteristic is the lovingly detailed reproduction of the fine skin and hair structure that intertwine the individual shadow zones and stencil layers.

    Availabe artworks:


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