PIXELPANCHO has a spot on robots. It is the ever-recurring theme in his work. “I am driven by a forgotten world that is hidden under a thick layer of dust and dirt. There are robots, as a creation of mankind, battered and worn, a symbiosis of organic and inorganic, with their rusting iron bodies falling apart. Full of dreams, desires and hopes.”

    In his surrealist imagery people, puppets and robots merge into one metamorphosis, referring to big brands of commerce, superheroes and reputable pop icons, where – dominated by permanent change -, the collapse is imminent. Pixelpancho does not only convince due to its eye-catching designs, but also because of its unique style, which draws from different and diverse sources.

    Born in Italy, he studied at the “Albertina Academy of Fine Arts,” and the Academy of Valencia. On his numerous trips to the most diverse countries, the artist had many opportunities to participate in festivals and to show his works in exhibitions. Pixelpancho is one of the new key players of Italian urban art scene, which has gradually developed with artists such as Blu, Erica il cane, the Fame Festival and Studio Chromie.


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