Punks, Robots & Angels


    On the 7th of December we will open our last exhibition for this year.
    This time our exhibition will present artworks of the internationally known Pixelpancho and Guy Denning. Moreover, you will have the chance to look at works from ARDIF, a young french artist who is becoming more and more popular in Paris.
    The shown pieces are all drawings, made with pencil, ink, coal and markers.
    For this occasion our opening will be on a Thursday.



    Opening Reception: Thursday 7.12.2017
    Show: 8.12.2017 – 26.1.2018
    MO – FR 11AM -7PM
    and by appointment


    ARDIF is a young french artist who deals with mechanics behind living entities. His drawings mostly present animals, which become a mechanical being.
    ARDIF’s animals are divided indeed: While the one side is completely natural, the second half portrays a transformation with mechanical and architectural elements.
    The contrast between this binary opposition creates an engaging tension for the viewer.
    Above that, ARDIF enlarges his drawings and introduces them as Paste Ups into the street.
    By now, Paris’ urban image cannot be thought of without the divided natural and mechanical animals.

    Guy Denning

    Guy Denning was born in North Somerset in 1965. He has been obsessed with visual art since childhood and started painting in oils at the age of eleven after receiving a set of old paints from a relative that had grown bored with them. Through the 1980s he was repeatedly unsuccessful in his applications to study painting at degree level but continued painting whilst studying art history with the Open University and learning painting technique from older painters he knew in the west of England. From 1992, he exhibited across Britain. Since 2007 he has also exhibited in the United States of America, Germany, Italy and France. His paintings have been shown in numerous solo and mixed exhibitions. His work is held in several public collections, including the Politics Department of Bristol University, the Political Science Department at Galway University and the MAGI’900 Museum of Contemporary Art, Bologna.
    Guy Denning’s work combines a traditional painterly style with a contemporary, punk-inspired, twist of embedded collaged and stenciled text. This aesthetic, blended with a political narrative, has found Denning a loyal audience in the collectors of urban art.


    PIXELPANCHO has a spot on robots. It is the ever-recurring theme in his work. “I am driven by a forgotten world that is hidden under a thick layer of dust and dirt. There are robots, as a creation of mankind, battered and worn, a symbiosis of organic and inorganic, with their rusting iron bodies falling apart. Full of dreams, desires and hopes.”
    In his surrealist imagery people, puppets and robots merge into one metamorphosis, referring to big brands of commerce, superheroes and reputable pop icons, where – dominated by permanent change -, the collapse is imminent. Pixelpancho does not only convince due to its eye-catching designs, but also because of its unique style, which draws from different and diverse sources.

    Born in Italy, he studied at the “Albertina Academy of Fine Arts,” and the Academy of Valencia. On his numerous trips to the most diverse countries, the artist had many opportunities to participate in festivals and to show his works in exhibitions. Pixelpancho is one of the new key players of Italian urban art scene, which has gradually developed with artists such as Blu, Erica il cane, the Fame Festival and Studio Chromie.