REMED & SAM3

    On 17th of November we are opening the exhibition ENIGMA in which we are showing new works by the artists REMED and SAM3. We are delighted to present these two artists, who have long been part of the gallery’s programme, together in a duo show.


    Both REMED and SAM3 are among the early representatives of the still young art movement. Their works have already been discussed in MODART and a mural by SAM3 can be seen in the Banksy film “Exit through the gift shop”.

    For the exhibition, the two artists, who have known and appreciated each other for a long time, painted together on various works and explored the intersection of their artistic scope. The result is three canvases that unite the visual languages of the two artists in a marvellous way and create something completely new in an exciting way. In addition to the canvases, a series of sketches have been created to accompany the ensemble of three works. Both artists are also showing a series of solo works.

    Colours and shapes

    REMED and SAM3 have a similar clear formal language, but use colours very differently. While SAM3 uses primarily black and white in a very reduced manner and with strong contrasts, REMED’s works are very colourful. However, he usually refrains from mixing the colours and uses areas of colour next to each other. This gives the works a special luminosity through contrasts in the colour spectrum.

    Visitors can expect timeless works that deal with philosophical concepts and utilise motifs and symbols from classical antiquity.
    As a result, they appear familiar and yet mystical and invite the viewer to reflect.



    17. Novbember 2023 – 25. January 2024
    Opening reception Friday 17. November, 7pm

    Pretty Portal
    Brunnenstrasse 12
    40223 Düsseldorf