Roman Klonek – From the woods to the blocks

    Roman Klonek „From the woods to the blocks“

    On the 12th of October we will open the exhibition “From the Woods to the Blocks” by Roman Klonek. After we have shown Roman a few times in group exhibitions, this is finally his first solo show at Pretty Portal. On one hand, the title of the exhibition refers to the technique with which Roman Klonek creates his works, namely the woodcut or woodblock print and, secondly, his exploration of urbanity.

    Roman Klonek on his exhibition:
    “In the exhibition” From the woods to the blocks ” at Pretty Portal you can see how the traditional craftsmanship of woodcarving meets experimental forms of narration. The narratives are free of categorical specifications and are neither clear in terms of time nor space.
    Quite comparable to a full sketchbook, if your imagine the paper would be transparent and everything “drawn” you just see hopeless gibberish and confusion. Maybe I should mention now that I love messing around and to to clean up afterwards.
    If it comes to an unexpected coincidence of two or more ideas (which often happens in a natural way), it may well happen that these encounters cause a moment of happiness in me because of their originality.
    As for the combination of these ideas, or picture elements, I like to move in the tradition of the so-called B-movies, the fact that they are an alternative to the calculable mainstream cinema, with much more risk-taking and without regard to conceptual rigor, often the key features in telling stories – the moments of surprise. ”

    In the exhibition, there is a selection of woodblock prints from the artist’s current creative period, as well as a screen print edition of the motif “Souta Mouse”

    „From the woods to the blocks “
    Feiday, 12. October 19:00 – 22:00
    15. October to 16. November