The Spanish artist SAM3 is best known for his silhouette-like Murals. Some of them are high as a house and often refer to their direct, urban environment. SAM3’s paintings are ironic, poetic, but especially provocative. They discuss philosophical subjects, question habits of our daily life and refer to current social discourses.
    Being reduced to few colours and a graphical style, the pictures have an extraordinary presence. The viewer is invited to examine the painting by its simplicity, that reveals their messages step by step. The paintings are dominated by figurative elements, which are in a metamorphose with their surroundings.
    SAM3 works with symbols like e.g. roots or ladders. Figures with oversized heads are representative for his style.
    The native Spain and Urban Art Artist currently lives in Murcia, but he paints worldwide – not only pictures but whole stories that he shows in experimental Stop Motion short films.

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