Silence kills


    Eine Ausstellung des Künstlerkollektivs ROOOOOM

    Silence Kills is a project of the artist collective Roooom.
    The project deals critically and questioningly with the topic of the “fluctuating center” and the general political shift to the right, as well as everyday discrimination in our society. The aim is to take a stand for more solidarity with your fellow humans, refugees or persons with a migrant background, also in the 2nd and 3rd generations. It is about expressing oneself clearly with its values ​​and wishes for a society in which we want to live.

    One level of the project is a poster campaign that can also be seen in the streets of Dusseldorf. Kilian van den Water photographs people who want to express their opinions. Every portrait, every statement is a visualized opinion, a voice that is then placarded by the collective in Düsseldorf´s public space. Each poster is placarded only once to show with each new poster that another voice has joined the cohesion.

    From 15th of February a selection of these posters can be seen at Pretty Portal.  On  display  are these voices, people who not only share their opinion with friends, but are willing to go public with it.
    On the evening of the vernissage and on two other dates, during the two-week exhibition, there is the possibility to become part of this action.

    Opening reception 15.02. 19-22h
    Photo session: 20.02. 18-20h & 27.02. 18-20h

    Excerpt from the manifesto of Silence kills:

    “At the moment, there is a fascist and populist development in politics that overrides the traditional neutral position of silence. Without a dissent the appearance is deceptive, that there are only few opinions that think differently.” There were some interviews with rightwing demonstrators, to question who the people are and what drives them to take there opinon to the streets for fascist politics. The media has given these interviews wide coverage, but in parallel to these events, there are also many unheard people our society who think very  differently  about the current political climate. This  is precisely why we want to give these voice a place in pubic space with “Silence Kills” – in the form of a poster campaign.
    If you are interested in participating, we will take a photo of you as a portrait and record a statement that will be displayed together with your portrait on a poster.
    Afterwards the poster will be printed out once and hung by us in a public place. ”

    Cost contribution for the participation in the photo project is 3 €.