STF Moscato

    STF Moscato


    STF MOSCATO is a french contemporary artist, born 1976 in Marsaille. Inspired by punk rock as well as the trash style of the 90s, he uses posters and materials found in the street in order to create unmistakable figures using stencils. STF loves the rock’n roll side of urban art and the opportunity to recreate his works in the streets over and over using stencils. His works play with the familiar, expertly alienating the ordinary. His statements regard soical tendencies, playfully criticizing in a unique and polemic way.
    Daily routine is very important for STF. Continuously he roams the streets, collecting posters which he turns into canvases for his stencils.

    Stéphane Moscato aka STF archives his living memorys of Marsaille since ten years. His works have been displayed in gallerys in France, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland and Canada.

    Available artworks:

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