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Project Description

In fine arts painted images seem to be like the main performer while sculptures and objects have the supporting role. The reason for that is obviously not the fascination or strength of sculptures. It rather looks like that artists focus too much on paint-brushes, pencils and spray cans instead of engaging with those works of art. Artists who are known for their sculptures seem to disappear behind all those many artists who primary work on canvas. It is exactly the same in Urban Art. This is the main reason why Pretty Portal´s current exhibition is going to show sculptures and objects of artists from the area of “Urban Contemporary”.

In this exhibition many of the artists who represent the gallery show works of art with which they project their imagery onto the room. In the exhibited works of art the artists experiment with a variety of materials, for example wood, metal, plastic and Lego bricks.
Here one can admire the work of Pixelpancho, who forms the protagonists of his work – robots – as sculptures. One part of the exhibition consists of free-standing art, while the other part includes wall-mounted art, like the abstract architecture images by Jana&JS, which bring to mind favelas.

Furthermore, one can see abstract objects by the Italian artist ETNIK and figures by Cranio, KJ263, SAM3, Mono, WESR und Biserama, as well as Style Writing with Lego bricks by Cole Blaq.

feat.  Biserama, Cole Blaq, ETNIK, Jana&Js, KJ263, Mono Cieza, Pixelpancho, WESR, SAM3

Opening reception 23.6. 19-22h
23.6. – 11.8.
MO – FR 11am – 7pm




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