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Urban Art

Dans l’art urbain, les artistes relient le contemporain avec le classique et des éléments du pop, du punk et du graffiti en réfléchissant des opinions publiques, la politique et les tendences actuelles, qui se font sentir le mieux dans le contexte des métropoles, des grands melting pots de nos sociétés. La technique du mash-up, qui a été déjà évidente dans les domaines du film et de la musique, la mise en rapport du connu avec l’inconnu, la déconstruction de cette dernière, ainsi que le jeu de citation, sont appliquées par les artistes urbains à ce jeune mouvement des beaux-arts.

Les artistes représentés par Pretty Portal installent leurs oeuvres aussi bien dans le cadre d’une galerie que dans l’espace publique. Ils recultivent l’environnement urbain, qui leur sert de „salle“ d’exposition sans limites, par leurs murales et leurs installations afin d’apporter l’art aux hommes plus immédiatement. En placant leurs messages souvent critiques dans l’espace publique, ils font aussi un contre-poids à la commercialité des images publicitaires omniprésentes, et récupèrent la ville comme espace culturel vital pour la réflexion des sujets essentiels.

La galerie Pretty Portal présente un choix d’artistes internationales de ce nouveau et vif mouvement, qui oscille entre peinture, dessin, collage, photographie, art vidéo et sculpture.

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BTOY | Guy Denning | CHAZME | DECYCLE | ETNIK | FinDAC | JANA&JS | Roman Klonek | Wolfgang Krell | L.E.T. | David Monllor | Orticanoodles | Pixelpancho | Natalia Rak | SAM3 | David Stegmann 

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ARDIF & Friends "Realm of Ancient Mechanimals"
left: Parvati  | right: Dzia 
on display at Pretty Portal until 25th of June
During his visit in Düsseldorf ARDIF made some new street pieces. Here is a pic of the "Babel Turtle Mechanimal". Could this be the artwork  for the next screen print ?
ARDIF "Minotaurus Mechanimal" 
for the show "Realm of ancient Mechanimals" starting this Friday (30th of April) at Pretty Portal.
Address or send us a pm with you mail address to receive the catalog (PDF) of the show.  Realm of ancient Mechanimals“
ARDIF & Friends
(Dzia, Horor, Parvati, Sandrot)
30.04.2021 – 25.06.2021  In Greek mythology, the Minotaur is a fabulous monster with the body of a man and the head of a bull or half-man and half-bull.  Born from the loves of Pasiphaé (wife of King Minos) and a white bull sent by Poseidon, he is locked up by Minos in a labyrinth, located in the center of Crete.  The labyrinth was specially designed and built by Daedalus,  so that the Minotaur cannot escape and that no one finds out about its existence. 
The Minotaurus was regularly fed with human flesh, specifically that of fourteen young Athenian noble men and women. These were sent as a sacrifice by the city of Athens to Minos on a yearly basis in recompense for the death of his son, Androgeus, whom the Athenians had once killed out of jealousy for beating them at the Panathenaic Games.
Theseus, son of Aegeus, the king of Athen, volunteered to go into the labyrinth and kill the the Minotaurus. Fortunately for him, Ariadne, Minos’ daughter, fell in love with him and decided to help him. She gave Theseus a ball of thread, which the hero used to navigate himself inside the structure and adter the fight find his way back out off the labyrinth. However, once the Minotaur was  killed, Theseus forgot Ariadne.  #urbanart #streetart #painting #fineart #weloveart #mechanimal #paris #düsseldorf #weloveart #ardif #contemporaryart #art #kunst #instaart #artoninstagram  #instagraff #printrelease #artshow #artoftheday #mythology artoftheday #painting #cat #wings #feline #pulseofbilk @a_r_d_i_f
ARDIF "Pegasus Mechanimal" 
As one of the best know fabulous animals the pegasus came straight to our mind, when I talked with ARDIF about a show with mythological Mechanimals for the first time.  The show which was originally planned for the end of November last year had to be postponed again and again. Now we just start in on 30th of April, no matter what. Hopefully we can have some visitors on the first day.  Address or send us a pm with you mail address to receive the catalog (PDF) of the show.  Realm of ancient Mechanimals“
ARDIF & Friends
(Dzia, Horor, Parvati, Sandrot)
30.04.2021 – 25.06.2021  ARDIF’s creations are modern mythical creatures. Cyborgs, hybrid creatures of a biological organism and a Machina Obscura, a surreal symbiosis of medieval architecture and ancient mechanics. The machine part, which captivates the eye of the beholder with its multitude of details, romanticizes the first rather dystopian impression of the composition.
Fabulous beings have always been creatures whose outward appearance is shaped by human imagination. Many have their origins in the real world and are influenced by contemporary history. It is the same with ARDIF’s creations. The more and more unbalanced relationship between humans and nature, which in the short term represents a threat to our planet, but in the long term rather a threat to our species, is reflected impressively with the French urban artist works. But the increasing mechanization of our everyday life, digitization and the dawn of the age of machines are also reflected in his works.  Mythical creatures also convey the ancient stories of mankind in a mystical way. In the exhibition “Realm of ancient Mechanimals”, ARDIF takes up these ancient stories and adds another narrative level to his fabulous animals. His creations have their origins in the myths and folklore of the most diverse cultures. His realm of the ancient Mechanimals includes the Japanese Kitsune, a multi-tailed masked fox that is considered a lucky charm, the Greek Pegasus, the winged horse that stands for wisdom and poetry, or a Jackalope, a hybrid of hare and pronghorn, which is very popular in America. @a_r_d_i_f
Happy 420 !! Doppeldenk „420“ at #art #limited #edition #fineart #print #urbanart #nofilter #instagraff #instagood #instaart #artshow #artforsale #artcollective #artoftheday #artoninstagram #picoftheday #illustration #orwell #doppeldenk #doublethink #pi #yougonnaloveit #duesseldorf.    What does DOPPELDENK mean? The concept of doublethink comes from George Orwell’s dystopian novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four” and describes the power of having two contradictionary beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.  Unlock the Idea of George Orwell’s novel from total Brain- wash and combine it with self-responsible human acting you can achieve a new complex form of thinking. In this case you are able to accept the connection of two contradictionary relations and, as a conclusion, to create an own new conviction. DOPPELDENK is not just a neologism deriving from the 1984 novel; Marcel Baer and Andreas Glauch are rather using this term as a motto for their offensive body of work, which at first sight creates a certain familiarity through its unconventional neon colors and references to pop- and sub-culture inspired themes. At second glance, however, the work appears more subversive. The Leipzig based duo uses the suggestive power of (mass cultural) symbolism, which in its creation, is usually represented as pictograms or idealized characters. @doppeldenk
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